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FTM Aotearoa Logo depicts "The Journey" "I remember those who have walked these paths before me. I relate to those who are walking with me..... and those who could not walk any further. I aspire to climb those steps and recall to you what the view is like from each step taken. I pay my respects to the guardians and the gatekeepers." By Peri Te Wao, 2004. Edit Text


Diversity is a word that is common place here.
Whilst there are many types of cars, architectural styles within our cities and suburbs - and so there are many types of men within our community. Everyone has their own unique history and journey - therefore it is paramount that we respect each other more.
FTM Aotearoa is but one of many support networks worldwide. The difference FTM Aotearoa presents to all those who are searching....is that:
  •  FTM Aotearoa is based around manaakitanga. This is a Maori terminology that can be interpreted as; to look after or to show kindness towards.
  • FTM Aoteaora is not a registered body. With the countless groups and organisations, all competing for what limited funding and resources are available; it would be easiest to manaaki people (as Maori do) with our own genuine time and energy. This also enables FTM Aotearoa to provide manaaki to people without the expectation of complying to non-Maori regulations - giving this group its own unique mana.
FTM Aotearoa has a Maori basis of nurturing the spirit (wairua). This nurturing can also extend to friends and family if they so wish.
FTM Aotearoa is about real everyday life. Sometimes life can be all too much - but knowing that you are not alone and life did not guarantee us perfection and accepting yourself - is what we are about. We cannot spare time to commit to regular meetings and gatherings (life for men can be quite demanding and full of responsibilities), but if the need arises, where there is a will, there is a way - like meeting up at movies, dinner, tramping, fishing weekends etc.
We do support (tautoko) you and your family and are utmost honest and frank (typical blokes) but we don't lobby. We tend to leave this process for those who are equipped with the expertise to ensure a great result (should lobbying be the only means to a fair a just world). However, we are nearby to provide honest and frank feed-in where we can.
We have a passion to live proud, successful and fulfilling lives - and this does not mean financial richness or overly talented prowess - it simply means living day to day with much meaning and purpose within our families and communities!
We enjoy meeting whanau - talking to whanau and being a part of your whanau - if they want to.
We don't have standards or expectations but we do encourage that we are treated the way we will treat you - with respect.
We don't need people to speak on our behalf - we find this often is the cause of many mishaps for all people of all communities - so this is not required with us - as we are confident, capable men who can speak for ourselves.
We enjoy face-to-face (kanohi ki te kanohi) - and because we are men who have families and responsibilities, who have jobs to do, and friends and families to take care of. However busy we become, we will connect with you.
If you are considering FTM Aotearoa as an avenue for you to pursue or rekindle - please do not hesitate to make contact - everything to gain, nothing to lose!

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